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Cassava Peeling Machine

This is used in peeling cassava tubers. It is designed with room for adjustment depending on the size of tubers to be peeled. It has a capacity of about 1ton/hr. It could be powered either by electric motor or diesel or petrol engines.

Cassava Grater

The cassava grating machines is used in pulping peeled cassava tubers. The grating mechanism is designed with stainless grating sheets because of the edibility of cassava. It ranges from half ton per hour to 5tons/hr.

Cassava Presser

Cassava Presser

The cassava presser is used in removing moisture from the grated cassava. It is being designed with a hydraulic jack for easy operation.

Cassava Sieving Machine

The siever is used in sieving the cassava flakes or garri. The machine is designed with a sieving screen in order to get a uniform cassava flakes.

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