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Garri Fryer

This is used in frying the cassava flakes or garri. There are two types: the manual and the automated type. The frying tray of the manual type is made of stainless because of the edibility of cassava and it is mounted on concrete. The frying chamber of the automated type is also made of stainless and it has eight handles which automatically fries the garri. They could both be adapted to use firewood, gas or charcoal as source of heat.

Cassava Chipping Machine

This is used in cutting the pilled cassava into chips. It is being designed with a stainless chipping mechanism. It varies from half to 2tons/hr.

Flash Dryer

Flash Dryer

This is the most ideal, in drying cassava flour or starch. It is made with stainless steel material and has a fuel consumption of 12litres/hr. It is highly efficient and will give a final product moisture content of 9-10%.

Cassava Washing Machine

This is used in washing peeled cassava tubers. It is electrically operated on a 3-phase, 7.5hp electric motor. It is made of mild steel material and has a capacity of 1ton/hr


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